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washer repair in torranceFor the vast majority of Americans, doing laundry is a weekly affair. In larger households, the chore is done more than once every week. Without a washing machine, people would have to hand wash their clothes, one piece at a time. Think about the time and effort that would need! That’s why washing machines are so valuable. In fact, these appliances are among the most sought after in America. An efficient washer drastically reduced the time and effort needed to do laundry. Once you put a load of clothes in the machine and start it, you only need a short while and all your garments are clean. What’s even better is that you needn’t hang around for the machine to clean the clothes; you can leave to do other chores while the washer does its job. Washers are also valuable in businesses. These appliances form the backbone of laundromats, running throughout the day to clean dozens of clothes and linen.

Whether you use your washing machine at home or in your clothing business, it is important that you take good care of yours so it serves you efficiently for a long time. A perfect way to accomplish this is by always addressing any glitches you notice in your washing machine right away. So what are some of these washing machine problems you need to be on the lookout for?

Top Washer Malfunctions to Watch Out For

All washing machines, whether commercial or household, will occasionally experience some of the following defects:

  • The washer will not turn on at all
  • The appliance does not tumble clothes
  • The machine shakes a lot while running
  • The machine does not complete cycles
  • The appliance makes excessive noise
  • The appliance will not dispense detergent
  • The washing machine leaks water
  • The washer will not drain
  • The door of the appliance is defective
  • The washer produces a bad smell

Never ignore any of the problems above, no matter how trivial the issue seems. Defects on electrical appliances have a tendency to get worse when left unaddressed. Besides, if your washing machine has stopped functioning properly, then it’s really no good for you at home or in your business. Fortunately, there’s always something you can do about problems in your washing machine. So what should you do?

Call A Technician Right Away!

Once you’ve noticed that your washer has a problem, the best thing to do is to reach out to a competent technician to help you out. A seasoned technician can assess the machine and determine what need to be done to restore it to perfect working order. Some people opt to replace the appliance altogether. While there’s nothing essentially wrong with that, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive. A top quality washing machine will set you back no less than several hundred dollars. Having the appliance repaired, on the other hand, costs a tiny fraction of that amount.

We Can Help

At the first sign of trouble, call us at Torrance Appliance Repair. Not only do we have what it takes to troubleshoot your washing machine, we guarantee we’ll get it working perfectly the same day you call us.

Why Choose Us?

Torrance Appliance Repair has, for many years, delivered top quality appliance repair and maintenance solutions to the doorsteps of the residents of Torrance and beyond. We have a team of passionate, experienced, and friendly technicians capable of handling any problem your washer may have, no matter how severe.

We value service delivery that exceeds your highest expectations. As soon as you call us, we’ll dispatch one of our top technicians to your home or business to help you out. Our expert will assess your washer and recommend a lasting solution for the problem. They’ll also give you an all-inclusive estimate of the repair cost so it’s very easy for you to decide whether to proceed with the repair or not. You’ll be impressed by how pocket friendly our rates are.

We always use top quality, factory approved replacement parts. That’s because we believe that your appliance deserves only the best. As soon as we have restored your washer to proper working order, we always leave the space spotlessly clean. You’ll be impressed by our high level of professionalism.

Besides providing excellent repair service for your household appliances, we are also happy to offer top notch maintenance too. We can handle all the top brands in the country.

Our services are available 24/7.

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