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dryer repair in torranceIf dryers had never been invented, people would have to depend solely on clothesline to get their clothes dry. While there’s essentially nothing wrong with using a clothesline, this method of drying clothes is not always reliable. For instance, the clothesline cannot be of much help when it’s raining or snowing. And even when the weather is fair, drying your clothes on the clothesline can be rather tiring and time consuming. Plus there are the birds and insects that can instantly leave your clean shirts needing to be washed afresh.

Thanks to your drying machine, you never need to be worried about the condition of the weather outside, or birds and insects messing up your clean clothes. Additionally, the appliance can get your clothes dry in just a fraction of the time you’d have needed using your clothesline.

Given the huge convenience that your drying machine affords you, it’s only fair to return the favor by taking good care of the appliance. Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance routine is a fantastic idea to add life to your machine too. But perhaps more important is tackling any defects in your appliance once you become aware of them. So what are some of the prevalent dryer malfunctions?

Top Dryer Problems to Look Out For

As your dryer ages, you’ll occasionally notice some of the following glitches that you need to address quickly:

  • The dryer fails will not come on
  • The machine comes on but won’t stop
  • The dryer shuts down while running
  • The appliance will not heat up
  • The machine heats up excessively
  • The dryer will not tumble your clothes
  • The dryer trips the breaker
  • The dryer takes longer than usual to heat up
  • The appliance shakes while running
  • The dryer is too noisy

None of these issues should be underestimated and ignore. You need to deal with them on the spot. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Dryer malfunctions can worsen and mess up other parts of the machine. In the end, you are forced to fork out more money to get the situation fixed.
  2. Once your dryer stops malfunctioning, you are forced to look for other ways to get your clothes dry. That can be quite inconveniencing and expensive.
  3. Even if the dryer can still dry, the malfunction interferes with its efficiency, and your electric bills are likely to spike.

As you can see, your best course of action is to address any problems with your drying machine as quickly as possible. So what should you do?

The Best Remedy for Drying Machine Defects

As soon as it becomes clear to you that your dryer has a glitch, you need to find a competent appliance repair technician to troubleshoot the machine and recommend the best solution for it. The other solution is to replace the appliance altogether, but that means spending a lot of money on a brand new appliance. Unless you have been planning to upgrade the machine for some time or are sure that there’s no way to restore the defective appliance, it’s best to opt for professional appliance repair instead. You can reach out to us at Torrance Appliance Repair to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

Torrance Appliance Repair is the leading provider of appliance repair and maintenance services in the region. Through the years, we have helped restore countless household and commercial appliances for our clients in Torrance and its environs. We work with a team of carefully selected technicians capable of restoring even the severest problems in your drying machine. Every member of our team is both EPA certified and vastly seasoned.

At Torrance Appliance Repair, we love to exceed your highest expectations. That’s why we provide same day service at no extra cost. The moment you call us, we send a competent technician to your doorstep to assist you. We always provide an upfront estimate of the repair expenses so it’s simpler for you to decide whether you’d like to proceed with the repairs. You’ll find that our rates are remarkably affordable. If you give us the go ahead to continue with the repair, we’ll get started on the spot. In just a short while, your appliance should be working perfectly once again.  As soon as we have finished restoring your drying machine, we always clean up the area before we leave.

Our services are available 24/7, all year round.

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